Brogg is a Hill Giant that sits outside the orc camp that was left behind as a baby when hill giant nomads attacked the camp and were chased away but left behind a baby Hill giant, naked except for a giant diaper. The Orcs at the camp took care of him and taught him to speek a tiny amount of common. Currently, he is a Toddler and is left in front of the entrance to the southern catacombs leading to the Dessicant dessert. As Count Eustace Vultur Tried to escape, Brogg grew an affection for the count, nameing him, “Eusty”. Euastce was then able to convince Him to carry him across the mountain and return to his spot in front of the cave, promiseing his return. But as he waited his return he realized that he wasent coming back and grew very sad while blamed the orcs for him leaving.



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