The War of the Slave King

Chapter One: The Wedding
The Wedding

It all started as a wedding. The marriage of Count Eustace Vultur and Ms. Wither Caterige was the biggest thing that happend in the town of Orven for many hundreds of years.(well, Unless you count the occational dragon attack). So you could deffinatly believe that many rumurs as to why a highranking Nobleman and the daughter of a very sucessful mearchent, decided to get married in such a small, non important village. Some said it was to make it a more private wedding, others thought that it was to keep the wedding a secret from unhappy relatives, but I would say that the village would have been chosen just for the mere beauty and simplicity that surrounded it. Only a few of the bride and grooms immediate family had come to support them, so to fill the empty space, the entire village was invited to watch. Some Travelers and adventurers passing through the village were also present at the wedding.

The wedding took place in the courtyard, outside of the town church.The only person that didnt seem to be at the wedding ironiccaly was the pope. The father of the bride, William Caterage was strutting around in his best suit, muttering under his breath as he waited inpatiantly for the pope. every few seconds glanceing at the clocktower until he finaly stopped pacing and mutters something loudly about a “lazy good for nothing… might as well become a priest and wed them myself for how long its taking him to get here…”) finaly, he gave up waiting and cued for the groom to come on stage.

Everybody started to sit down as the groom comes into view as he walks up to the altar. He was a pale handsome young man, but his faced looked hardend, probably because of much stress throughout his life. He Also seemed to be on edge and twitchy, every once and a while he wouldquikly glance into the forest.The groom waited, as at the same moment the pope quikly walked up to the alter. he was a tall skinny man with pale white skin wich looks way to pale and pasty in comparisson to regular peoples skin. He walked in and stands close to the groom. He gave a quick glance at the pope and made a tiny,terrified,inelligably skweek before he quikly gained his composure once more.As soon as the pope had arived Mr.Caterige cued the organ to start playing. Immdeiatly the bride and her Father walk in, who had quikly after cueing the organ, ran down the asile and took his daughter bye tha arm. They both slowly walked up to the groom, taking there time and letting the crowed marvel over the brides beauty. But the bride seemed unable to see, due to the large veil that completly hid her face, and so she almost triped once or twice, but luckly, her father was able to keep her balanced most of the time. At last the father leaves the bride with the count, and sits in the front isle with his wife. On the front pew to the right sat Mr. Caterige and his wife, who looked very proper and fancy for the time and occation. To the left sat the lonly figure of Eustaces mother. She was a widow, and even for a wedding she dressed in black,widow garments. Thease simly enhanced the sterness and dicipline in her facial features that included halk like eyes, and pointed curved nose.

The Priest started to speak, and his sharp crooked teeth became visable as he spoke. He was very difficult to understand sometimes, because of a foriegn accent that made him miss purnounce many of his words. He seemed to be fairly new at speacking common, but didnt seem to notice his horrible accent and began to speak loudly “Weez avv naow gathad heea tuday tos bring thest mon an thest wamon tugethar en oly matremomy.” He paused for a second and smiles with his pointed teeth at the bride and the groom. The groom flinches but the bride doesn’t seem to notice through her veil. He then continues. "du u, Count Eustace Vultur tha theard, taak these wamon as yor lotfly webed wive?” Evan stared at the priest frightfully for a moment, quikly gained his courage and replied “I…do.” “Aand du yu meez Wither Caterige, tak thest mon tu be uare laftly webed huzband?” “I do.” She replied simply yet firm. “Naw eef aanywon heare dus neot thank dat theaze copal shod be togeter, spek na oh foevar old ya pieces!”

Suddenly all Peace, quiet and order was broken by the sound of a roar louder than 3 mighty dragons "I OBJECT!!!” suddenly, the priest grabbed Evan, knocked him out with a goblet near the altar, pulled out a long sinister knife, and pushed the bride to the ground as he got ready to run towards the exit. At the same time, 2 orcs burst out from under the tables carrying the food for after the wedding (Luckily the cake was not harmed). At the same time another orc that seemed to be hiding inside the church organ,tore through the organ, terrifying the organ player and causing him to faint. Finally, the cause of the roar walked down the center aisle. You could tell he was the leader just by his domineer. He wore a huge iron nose ring,carried a ancient Glave in his hands with distinct runes and paterns carved into the blade and staff, and a numerous amount of javalins at his side. His look showed much determination and courage wich strikes fear and at the same time,respect into people’s hearts.

And all hell broke loose…

A group of adventures fought bravly, but the orcs eventualy escaped on an old wagon that belonged to one of the farmers that came to the wedding, takeing Count Eustace Vultur with them.The battle only left few minor engerias, and no one had died. Wither was sobbing, as Ms. Vultur conforted her. As the strange Adventururs aproached, withers voise became much more distint and easier to understand. “I can’t believe this…he took him..THEY took him!…" She started to cry again, but lifted her head up to yell in sadness “..Oh this is terrible! He must be” after that, she began to sob so uncontrolably that it was impossible for anyone to speak with her, Ms. Vultur then stroked withers hair soothingly as she tried to comfert her.“There there, don’t worry. Everything will be all right. We will Bring him back." she then noticed the group waching her and began to speak to them, " Youwere the ones that fought the orcs yes? How would you and your friends like to kill those orcs and find my son? The Cateridge family is willing to pay a hansom reward for his return. I suggest you speak to him."

The party then moved to find Mr. Cateridge who they found angrly yelling at the guards." I should have you all punished! The Lot of ya! I cant believe you cant even keep out a bunch of stupid orcs for peetes sake!…" He was about to say more but then he noticed the precence of the party abd asked what was it that they wanted. When hearing that they wanted to help rescue his son inlaw, he agreed to pay a nice sum of 300 gold pieces for his return alive. The adventures then head out and tried to find trails or any hints of where the Orcs were heading. They incountered the Organ player and asked him questions, but was of little help due to shock.But he was able to remeber that he had managed to see a tatoo on the orcs arm before he blacked out. He managed to draw them a picture of what he saw and it looked like this.
Orc tatoo

By then, darkness had overcome the land, so after the adventurers found a trail left by the old wagon leading towards the main road. They then rested in the small inn in town to prepare for the long days journy the following day.

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